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Something I’ve never been real good at. I am Mr. Anti-productive but that isn’t anything amazing so are a lot of people. I have so many things I need to finish it is amazing. Finish learning the guitar to a point where I can play whatever I feel like, finish learning Japanese so I can go to Japan like I want, finish with school so I can get back to California and be where life is soooooo damn good. Just so much and I don’t give it any thought I just waste my time like I have as much of it as I want. Well when this next year rolls around in a few days. I’m done with that bullshit. No this isn’t a resolution no one ever keeps those. This is just a starting over and stop with the bad shit I do. So hopefully next year at this time I can finally be at least closer to where I want to be at.


Sometimes you just gotta listen….

Welp instead…..

Of bitching I’m just going to put some funny pictures and walk the fuck away……. Because I’m not in the mood to talk about it anymore…..

The future is never certain….

Well today is going better than yesterday thank god. No more anger, no more silence, and no more bullshit. Everyone is getting along and talking again like they should be and it’s quite nice to have things that way. Talking to a few of my friends on Facebook, Keith and I always going on about our 2012 zombie invasion ideas and how we plan on handling it. It’s all pretty cool though, we would definitely survive. Hopefully I can get something done on this apartment I’m working on now and get some game on today. I tried out Vindictus last night it was fun for about 2 hours then kind of tapered down. It would be a lot more fun when it gets polished and maybe update for playability but you never know with free games, that’s why they’re free. So far, day is well, we’ll see tonight though. I’ll be back to update later. (even though this is just for me basically)