Well lets see….. At the time of this writing I’m 21 years old (but that’s subject to change) and I reside in the horrible state of Texas(I wish I was back in Cali). I grew up all over California and about 2 years ago now I moved to Colorado (Which wasn’t too bad).  I ended up going to South Dakota for Job Corps and stayed there ’til I phased out (the easy graduation without the stupid ceremony lol) and ended up here in the lovely state of Texas (YAY!). I now do jack shit with my life (I wish I could open up a gaming cafe in Cali but I work for the apartment complex I work at sort of? with my Dad until I can find another job) and play games with friends on Steam and other places, rant on here and Facebook, and just dick around waiting for the right time to strike at the next opportunity that arises. I could write a decent book on the things that have happened in my life, if you know me I’m sure you’ve heard at least a few stories by now.


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